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WICKTEK is a company that formulates, manufactures and sells technologically advanced products that are used to enhance and improve a wide range of building materials. Its revolutionary DensiCrete product increases the strength and durability of concrete, limestone, brick, stucco, plaster and other cementitious materials.

In addition, WICKTEK has tested products for enhancing and preserving wood and for improving drywall seams. To view these products, please go to the WICKTEK website by pressing the following button. 

WICKTEK is also an environmentally conscientious company producing zero VOC products for most of its customers. In this website, WICKTEK is now pleased to present one of those zero VOC products called DensiCrete.

penetrates concrete or any other cementitious materials (stucco, gunnite, plaster, limestone, etc.) and forms calcium silicate. Seals micro cracks and waterproofs the cementitious matrix.

will displace and/or push out to the surface, oils, salts, chlorides, carbon based fluids, chewing gum, beer, soft drink spills and iron oxide caused by corroding rebar.

creates a water seal, increases both compressive and flexural strength, densifies concrete and improves freeze-thaw resistance. As it displaces foreign materials from the matrix, it cleans and restores a surface to a near original/new appearance.

has had the following tests performed on it prior to it being deemed acceptable by the Department of Transportation of Pennsylvania (PENNDOT).  Highly regarded independent testing laboratories performed numerous tests to determine how DensiCrete increases concrete density, flexural strength and compression strength. Following are the tests completed: Compression and Flexure Tests ASTM-C42; Freeze/Thaw Tests ASTM-C666; Carbonation Testing and Chloride Ion tests AASHTO T-259 and AASHTO T-260.


is designed to solve problems such as:

's primary ingredients and characteristics are:

's effects on concrete:

has had the following tests completed to date:

replaces and/or displaces the following:

application methods:

has been successfully applied to the following:

is a "Permanent Solution" to many of your concrete problems.

prolongs the life of concrete structures, Both new and existing.

helps with substantial dollar savings on:

personnel can help you identify how and where DensiCrete can best meet your needs by contacting us by e-mail or at the coordinates listed below.

Telephone: 513-474-4518


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DensiCrete MUST be applied as per the manufacturer's parameters and procedures. IF DensiCrete is NOT applied by the proper procedures, the Distributor and or WICKTEK INC. (the Manufacturer) will NOT be responsible for the results and ANY Warranty whether WRITTEN, ACTUAL or IMPLIED will be NULL and VOID.

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