Application Summary

Application of DensiCrete to roads and bridges normally requires 1.5 to 3 coats, all of which will be fully absorbed into the concrete structure.

Because DensiCrete has a normal spread rate of 150 sq. ft. per gallon (equal to an 11 mil coat), a 1.5 coat application is used in the following example using the spray procedure described below.

DensiCrete normally is applied using 40 psi pressure spraying equipment, although it can be brushed or rolled on also.

DensiCrete should be sprayed from plastic or plastic lined sprayers ONLY. For smaller jobs, such as bridges, we recommend that the applicator use a Hudson (or equivalent) sprayer model 91184 CCV or 93184 (back pack sprayer) with the standard 8004 nozzle (#805852), at a cost of about $90.00 per sprayer. These sprayers can be ordered directly from Hudson by calling them in Chicago at 1-800-745-2392 and ask for Gene Short at Ext. 2367 or ask for one of his assistants in sales. Alternatively, Hudson sprayers may be ordered from their network of distributors.

The model 91184 and the 93184 sprayer hold 4 gallons (you will fill it to about the 3 1/2 gallon level to allow for air), sprays at 40 psi, and with the 8004 nozzle, has a spray rate of .4 gallons per minute. This means one worker will cover about 60 sq. ft. per minute with the first application and about 120 sq. ft. per minute with the second application. This assures quick and accurate application of DensiCrete.

For larger highway application, Hudson (or equivalent) can design special spraying equipment which can be used to spray from trucks.

DensiCrete should NEVER be applied to a dehydrated concrete surface. The way to prevent this is to wet down the surface that DensiCrete is being applied to approximately twenty (20) minutes prior to application. After wetting the surface, allow the the water to stand for 15 minutes and REMOVE ANY puddled standing surface water with a broom or squeegee prior to applying the DensiCrete. DensiCrete should NEVER be applied to a cementitious surface that is below 50F or higher than 90F. If the cementitious surface is ABOVE 90F wet down the surface until such time that the temperature drops below 90 and the surface is free of standing or puddled water. In order to determine what the concrete surface temperature is, we require an applicator to use a "SURFACE THERMOMETER" similar to the one manufactured by Test Mark Industries, Item Number CA-0800.These can be ordered by calling 1-800-783-3227. The cost for this item is under $20.00

SPECIAL NOTE:In addition to the concrete temperature parameters of 50F and 90F, DensiCrete should NOT be applied when the air temperature is expected to fall to 32F or below for more than 3 days in a row, during DensiCrete's full 28 day cure period.


Most concrete coatings are surface treatments that must be reapplied every couple of years or so. DensiCrete is a deeply penetrating material that becomes part of the concrete and will last for many years.  Nevertheless, over a long period of time, all materials will degrade due to various environmental factors.  Therefore, we recommend that after 10 years, you check your concrete by applying a small amount of DensiCrete to it.  If it takes 15 minutes or more for DensiCrete to be absorbed in that test area, then your concrete is still protected and will not need to be rechecked for another 5 years.  If not, then you will need another application of DensiCrete.

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