DensiCrete Case Application Photos


Sept. 24, 1998 - A bridge on I-99 North between MM20 & 21 near Hollidaysburg, Pa. The bridge deck is concrete rated at 6000 PSI
and is leaking. The deck is letting water pass through causing freeze/thaw deterioration. DensiCrete will seal the deck to stop further damage. This bridge is only 13 years old. The PENNDOT (Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) employees on site were District 9 materials management engineer, bridge engineer and maintenance engineer.

This section of a grease pit is located at the Pittsburgh, Pa. Civic Arena. The floor was pressure washed first and then DensiCrete was sprayed on in a circle measuring approximately 18" in diameter. This photo was taken Sept. 11, 1998 - 15 days after application of DensiCrete. As you can see in the light section of the photo, the oils, gum, grease, salts, etc. have been pushed totally out of the circle leaving it clean and looking as new as the day the floor was poured.



This photo shows DensiCrete being sprayed on a barrier wall to be used by PENNDOT on a stretch of Interstate 70 near Washington, Pa. The DensiCrete will add to the compressive and flexural strength of the barrier wall as well as waterproof and prevent Chloride Ion (SALT) penetration.

One coat of DensiCrete was applied to a section of limestone wall of a subway station building in Pittsburgh, Pa. This photo was taken one week after application.

NOTE: See how clean and white the sprayed area has become after the first week.



Civic Arena in Pittsburgh, Pa. Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey Team. The 30 year old concrete floor of this arena has had coke, beer, candy, gum, nachos, cotton candy, peanuts, road salt, buttered popcorn, etc. spilled and/or ground into its surface. The floor has turned into a predominately brownish-black sticky surface (YUCK!). On Sept. 11, 1998, a small section of concrete flooring under a row of seats was sprayed with DensiCrete. This photo was take 15 days later showing the clean, white center isle sprayed with ONE COAT of DensiCrete. Notice that the concrete is free of all foreign material and waterproofed, where as the isle to the right, the untreated area, shows the ever present brownish-black sticky surface.

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