How DensiCrete Works

Apply DensiCrete to concrete or any other cementitious based product such as; (roads, bridges, bridge abutments, airport taxiways, seawalls, swimming pools, floor slabs, stuccoed walls, parking garages, stadiums, arenas, auditoriums, limestone, gunnite, plaster, stucco, cool decking, etc.) by using mop, brush, roller or garden-type sprayer (20 - 40 PSI). One gallon covers approximately 150 to 300 square feet depending on the usage.

The DensiCrete chemical penetrates deeply into the concrete matrix, the depth of penetration is based on the amount of DensiCrete applied as well as the compressive strength of the concrete. Normally on 4000 PSI concrete 1 1/2 to 2 coats of DensiCrete will penetrate to a depth of about 1 to 1 1/2 inches based on the absorption matrix of the concrete.

Once the DensiCrete has reached it's maximum depth it begins to activate the unconverted alkali in the concrete and creates calcium silicate. The wetting and dispersion agents as well as the silicates in DensiCrete create a jell that slowly pushes out contaminates to the surface of the cementitious material.

As the DensiCrete jell is moving to the surface it's doing two things:

  1. It is sealing micro cracks and bonding the cementitious matrix by forming calcium silicate, curing itself and waterproofing the matrix.

  2. It is displacing and or pushing out to the surface, oils, salts, chlorides, carbonation, carbon based fluids and iron oxide caused by corroded rebar.

The final results are DensiCrete creates a water seal but still allows concrete to breath and remain hydrated, increases both compressive an flexural strength, seals micro cracks, densifies concrete, stops carbonation penetration and damage, protects rebar from corrosion, improves freeze-thaw resistance, removes chlorides (salt) from existing concrete, significantly retards chloride penetration and damage, it waterproofs, its non-toxic, non-flammable, water based, zero-voc and environmentally friendly!

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